You’ll never hear my deny that there is racism but like all non-binary analogs where the answer is neither 0% or 100% we estimate different numbers based upon our own experience and perception. While my world is smaller than the world of surveys they are often biased in a number of ways so I do place value on my personal experience too.

If it bleeds it leads so we see every bad thing on what passes for news in America which makes things look worse than they are. I haven’t been able to calculate the odds of being victim of the various kinds of racial violence. That data is generally obscure or misleading in the statistics. That also depends upon location and is not uniform anyway. We already know if there are no racial epithets or other obvious signs the two of us would tend toward skewed but non-binary conclusions.

I don’t need to list all of the ways that my environment is rich in every form of diversity you can think of and I see people getting along. Do some/most(what’s that number?) have racial biases that they keep to themselves? Sure, and I doubt that that will ever completely go away. The important thing is that people have control over the actions that those thoughts give tendencies to.

If the light and dark Marines in combat could get along during the civil rights movement of the 60s there is hope. When a member of the family, including extended, that is racist has a stand out baby, people usually keep their thoughts to themselves at first and time together mellows things considerably, there is hope.

I’m more optimistic than you, perhaps my white privilege.

As for the left sharing blame, if you spit in my eye and I throw the first punch do you share in blame for the violence? I can’t believe that you see no incitement from the left and certainly hope it is a matter of us seeing different amounts. Even if you place lesser value on it it is there and we could and probably are both be wrong about it’s magnitude of importance.

Your goal is to end the hierarchy. Mine is a less lofty, lets not kill each other. We are allies even if we are not in lock step on everything.

Sing it.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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