You started with the census. The last time they sent me the long form. I threw it into the trash. Weeks later two people showed up at my door wearing tags that identified them as census takers. The man, an old guy, asked if I had received my census form. I told him “Yes, it was the long one and I threw it into the trash. How much is the fine, I’ll get my checkbook. I’m not answering all that.” The young lady who was with him’s jaw dropped in astonishment. He said, you don’t have to pay a fine and turned to the young lady and said just have him answer the underlined (or some marking, I don’t remember) ones. The are the ones that matter.

Actually the Constitution calls for an enumeration of the people and nothing more. I preemptively said, “Two adult US citizens live here.” When my wife first immigrated to America, before she became a citizen, she had to report her address every January and every time she moved. The government cares, ot did, if you are a citizen or an alien. That part was just reflex. All they need to know is two persons. “Pick one” for my mixed race children was always irritating but it is absolutely irreverent for the census.

They had other idiotic (important) questions like “Do you have indoor plumbing?” “Look around, what do you think?” How much money do you make?” “I tell the IRS every year.”

The point being, the census is used to decide the number of representatives a state shall have, without regard to race, ethnicity. Race, along with all other questions beyond “how many people live here?” don’t belong on the form.

And yes, my children find “What country are you from? annoying, or did. Over time I think they ceased caring about it.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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