You missed the point rather badly. If they push their prices up too high and people quit buying from them they go out of business. All of their employees become unemployed. They can try to follow their jobs off-shore. I’ve been an expat. The trouble is, as a good friend found out when he went to work for a Chinese company, they eventually want to get rid of the Americans. Wal-mart exists because people want low prices. The Japanese made their inroads into the US with low prices. Business = money in - money out. Tax is one of the money outs, businesses must deal with that. Globalism, the world got small and everyone is competing for their jobs with people in countries with lower living expenses and the lower pay that goes with it. Competing with companies in countries with less costly regulation. Competing with nationalised companies proped up by their citizens.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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