You could swap Democrat and Republican and it would be no less true. I'm not ever a Republican, though I am politically to the right so over the course of the last four years I've been called Nazi, Fascist, racist , etc. to the degree that when I hear the word racist I hear "someone to the political right of Stalin" which is total bullshit. That has come from people not in the government. The DNC has worked non-stop to encourage that. They have avoided discussion by shouting down conservative speakers on campus, censoring, etc. The problem is that the left accuses the right of doing what the left does. The progressive side is heard plenty.

Having said that, I agree that we all have mostly the same gripes (it sounds like your except for racism is an accusation toward the right). I'll just call bullshit on that since it is the left that displays the racism of low expectations of black people to a greater degree. We may actually be kindred spirits, since we both object to being accused of what the accusers do. It goes both ways.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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