You continue to lecture me on things I acknowledge. Then you tell me I can’t possibly understand because I’m white. That is the basis of all racism, low expectations of individuals because of their race. No racism can exist without that mindset. Do you have no one that you love? Do you think it possible for me to not see and be affected by those things when they happen to the people I love most in the world?

As people like me shouted down racist individuals for decades the racist individuals both became less common and/or became better at hiding it. I don’t know the ratio, nobody really does. But the issues persist. It is frustrating.

The trouble is, while systemic racism does exist, it is faceless. It does not exist as a nebulous thing, it goes on via people. Which people? You’ve been claiming all white people because they are beneficiaries. Then you assigned the impossible task of white people renouncing their own white privilege. I asked just how does a white person do that? What actionable things? You have not provided an answer, you just relentlessly go on an on about the trials of being non-white. A acknowledged that immediately but that it just venting your frustration, perhaps hate. I can’t look into your heart about that.

I don’t know if anything good that happens to me is because of my whiteness. Assuming that it sometimes does, how do I know about that being the case unless it is overt, which it is less likely to be in this day and age than it was back in the bad old days.

This conversation has been quite useless. It is hard to believe that you are serious about a solution or at the very least improving the situation if all you have to say is what you’ve been saying. Have you ever acknowledged anything good about a white person?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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