Wow! I wonder where you live. I’m a large 70 year old white man and I have never deviated from my initial training that a man gives way to women, holds the door for women, offer the last seat to women, etc., even at risk of woke women calling me a sexist. That has always been an expected norm in my experience. So much so that your story sounded like BS so I just asked my <5'0" Asian wife about it.

Her response surprised me. She said she doesn’t play chicken with big people, she moves out of the way because she is small and doesn’t want to get hurt in a possible collision (she’s 70+). Would people be more inclined to give way to her because of her age? Perhaps. Sometimes people move out of her way, open doors for her etc., but she doesn’t assume her female/old lady entitlement. A bit like watching, not trusting, cars when you are in a pedestrian’s crosswalk. For her demographic, a fall is her most likely cause of accidental death so she isn’t inclined to participate in your experiment.

It is sad that the world has changed so much. My wife and I have sat on the floor in an airport while young people sit in seats, none thinking to offer her theirs. When I was young that was completely unthinkable. Where has courtesy gone?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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