World history is a story of tribes conquering tribes and enjoying the privilege of being the conqueror until they are conquered. Humans of all races have done that.

My privilege? I didn’t choose my parents. I’ve been to 19 countries outside the US and sometimes I had privilege and sometimes not so much. Since no honest person wold say that they want to be in a position of disadvantage because of their racial/cultural identity the answer is obvious. Have I purposefully used it to create a situation of unfairness? I don’t think I have, but then I never said, give the job or promotion to that disadvantaged person because I’m privileged and undeserving. The honesty of anyone who claimed otherwise is immediately suspect.

My remark about the SJW obsession with “admit your white guilt” is that it’s nor news to anyone, but then what? Do what? Talk is cheap.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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