When I was about thirteen I wanted to work but child labor laws prevented businesses from giving me a job, so without knowing the words “independent contractor” I became one as I walked around the neighborhood with a push mower in the summer and a snow shovel in the winter. Without having yet learned about economics in school I learned the laws of supply, demand and value to an employer. If I asked too much i heard the words “No thank you” because there were other boys who would do it at their price.

In high school I worked in the cafeteria for the first half of my lunch period for some lunch checks to by my lunch. Cheap, but there were others who wanted to work for their lunch. I was a grill cook after school three days/week. Pay was low but there were plenty of high school kids looking for part time work.. I told you all that to tell you that even a thirteen year old can understand the laws of economics.

If you are working for a minimum wage your employer is certainly not making a lot of money from the fruit of your labor and may well be loosing money on you. Many businesses that employ unskilled and semi-skilled workers operate at a very small margin. They can only raise prices so much before they loose customers. Profit is not a dirty word, it is the reason I have been employed all these years.

Globalism has arrived. You compete tor you job with people in economies that allow them to undercut you. It is a harsh reality, but reality it is.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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