When I was a young Marine in infantry training before going to Vietnam the enemy was dehumanized to make it easier for us to kill them — Gooks, zips, slants, etc. Even an Asian Marine in my platoon used those words; it was just about the enemy he told me when I asked him why he said that shit. Now for the Middle East theater it’s Hajis, rag heads, Muzis. Dehumanizing an enemy is as old as warfare. Are Americans at war with an enemy who are their fellow Americans? That’s how you prepare to kill your enemy.

All over social media, including here on Medium I see that to the left, the enemy is privileged old, straight, white, men. Are you being indoctrinated to kill me because of my identity? Maybe just to democratically get armed agents of the state to do it for you? That’s how it’s done.

The issue is far beyond uncivil political discourse, this is how you prepare to kill an enemy, your fellow Americans. Yes, I keep repeating that. Give it thought please.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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