When daughters #1 & 2 were around age 7 they went to their first Taekwondo tournament. First for their age group was forms. There must have been about 50 competitors. Next was sparing. daughter #1 stood alone at ring's edge. She was awarded the 1st place trophy. Later, daughter #2 remarked that she hadn't done anything to win that trophy. My response was, "She showed up."

Years later at daughter #1's funeral that story was told by daughter #2 in her eulogy. A lesson that served her well for a lifetime. She was present at the tournament but not the event. Little girl's lessons in showing up. Lessons from their own and each other's experience.

Through the years they both won many trophies and medals but that one was the most precious to me as a father. My little girl faced her fears alone and triumphed and her little sister learned a powerful lesson from her.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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