What specific actions do you recommend? Many men are in fact intolerant of such things when they occur within their sphere of influence and without fanfare they speak and act against it. I am sometimes criticised for my action within my circle of influence way rather than being an Oracle of the obvious.

Men certainly know what harassment of women is but also see “my eyes are up here” from the mouth of a woman who is pushed up and popping out of her top as disingenuous. That’s bait. Yes, they should be able to walk naked safely but it is probably an unreasonable expectation.

Someone put an ad from India in a comment. I liked it but to be honest, when I reached the age that I was no longer a hunk and young women stopped checking me out I was a bit disappointed. Old babes still flirt, so there’s that. There is a line somewhere between flirting that validates us and unwanted harassment or open lust, and the recipient gets to decide where that line is.

Is it my male privilege that I felt good about being objectified when I was young and worthy of it? Even when it was coming from homosexuals I accepted it as a compliment. Unwanted but a compliment. Would a woman who never receives that kind of attention be happy or hurt by the idea that she was not seen as attractive enough to be ogled?

I’m not giving sexual harassment a pass of any kind and I think I know it when I see it and speak out against it, but I’ve been proven wrong when they became an item.

Back to my original question. What specific actions do you recommend? That’s not a challenge, it’s a serious question.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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