Venn diagrams. Our American diversity is a bunch of overlapping Venn diagrams. The current focus is a trend toward destructive (in my opinion) Balkanization. The common area is ignored to separate the non-overlapping parts to isolate them. Unhappiness comes with perceived victimhood because of inequality and someone else’s privilege.

The trouble is, equality is an illogical myth. Tall parents yield tall children who have advantage when trying out for a basketball team. Attractive couples yield attractive children. Good looks often result in advantage even in areas where it has nothing to do with ability. Genetics are unfair because it results in inequality, but like it or not, genetics matter.

There are many areas of advantage other than race, gender or sexual persuasion; intelligence, strength, health, attractiveness, talent, etc. Inequality.

I don’t see bitterness and anger over the reality of life leading to a more egalitarian society. Yes, you can get laws, which often creates resentment that adds to the Balkanization. Not that some of the laws are not for the good, but harmony does not come from focus on discord.

Back to the Venn diagram and the overlapping portion. In that commonality we find unity. In unity we find less bitterness and more happiness.

My formative years were as a young Marine in the 60s. The civil rights movement was in full bloom and I was in Vietnam. Did young men in the 60s arrive in boot camp with racist attitudes in those days? Yes they did. Did they persist with some? Yes they did. But we became light green and dark green Marines, until it hit the fan. Then we were just green Marines. A dark green Marine in my platoon who didn’t particularly like light green Marines put himself in danger for me because it was time for us to be generic green brothers.

War is awful and the plight of the people who live in a war torn country is hell itself. I’m not suggesting it as an ideal path to a better world. There were many lessons learned for a different discussion but I mention it here because of the lesson learned that unity and it’s blessing can be found in many places and we are better served by focusing on it than on differences.

We can enjoy cultural differences and appropriate like crazy for the benefit of all in the larger group. And yes, it is for the survival of the group.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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