Unfortunately, people assign reasons for disparity that become an excuse that make their problems someone else's fault.

People are not equal in ability, intelligence, strength, health, etc. so results are not equal. When people look at results and see skew, if they are in a zone that is less favorable they tend to look for something sinister. If that leads to an idea that your difficulties are thru no fault of your own but because of others, society, the system, etc. A thought that is ubiquous with SJWs is that their troubles will persist until that evil group becomes woke and fixes the problem. They give up a bit, don't work as hard and that is a heavy burden. Virtue signaling on social media is not work.

"What can I do?" is a better path to success than "what should they do?" because "they" may not choose to do anything and you'll have put your fate into the hands of others. Life's not fair is a child's argument. There will never be equality in results unless we force everyone to the lowest level.

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