Tulsi Gabbard has been getting a bit of buzz from libertarians. The buzz is that there will be no candidate that we think perfect but she has the guts to speak out about an issue important to us, perpetual war and foreign entanglements. The anti-war left vanished with President Obama and his richly undeserved peace prize. Democrats and Republicans are the bought and paid for harlots of the Neocons, the military industrial establishment and their propagandist press. She called them all out on it and is getting the Ron Paul treatment as revenge.

I am a registered unaffiliated and in 2016 voted for a mix of D’s, R’s, L’s and “no acceptable candidate” write-ins. If she were the Democrat’s chosen I wouldn’t have to write in “no acceptable candidate” but the money grubbing, bloodthirsty war mongers will never let that happen. They’d like a nuclear apocalypse with Russia better if they could say it’s Trump’s fault. As much as I despise a draft I think we desperately need one to put skin on the game from the public. If your son or daughter was being drafted to go to these wars you might suddenly like Tulsi Gabbard.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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