There is nothing wrong with my cognacence, I'm not on meds, clueless or arrogant (people like me?, you are doing what I'll be writing about). I mentioned my age because my reference to change is personal, not the rantings of people in the victim Olympics.

When I was in in K-12 schools were neighborhood without busses. I went to a vocational high school that was not neighborhood and I graduated as a minority in the school. The students came from the projects. When I got off active duty I moved to Georgia. My children went to fully integrated schools without bussing since the neighborhood was integrated. Same for when we moved to Missouri and Arizona.

The issue you are dodging is that systems are top down. The system makes racial discrimination illegal. That does not imply that there are no racist assholes bottom up.

Back in the late 70s/early 80s (memory fades for the date), my wife and I were denied service at a fraternal organization's dinning facility because she failed the brown paper bag test. That doesn't happen to us any more. Another fraternal organization, the VFW, at the system level is race neutral but years ago I was at the bar when the bartender refused to serve a black member. When I challenged him he said we have to let him in but I don't have to serve him, he can get served at the post in Macon. I tore up my membership card, didn't renew and never went back. That was not a systemic problem, it was an individual asshole problem but I have never seen fit to associate with that kind of asshole.

My point in listing the positions within "the system" was to point out that the system (top down) is not racist (by law). Nobody blinks at my friends who are black and have white wives. The days of reckless eyeball laws are a thing of the past.

My objection to the idea of "systemic racism" is that systems are top down. That's how it is by law in government and how it was in the engineering job that I retired from a year and a half ago.

Racism exists, some think ubiquous, but that is individuals and not the system. Why that matters is that the drone of the words systemic racism might as well be my dog howling at the ice cream truck. The real issue is the attitudes of individuals which have also changed dramatically, but not quite universally, during my lifetime.

Racism is based in a low expectation of a racial group. If it is not surprising to you that there are riots when a policeman kills a black person with arson, destruction of small businesses (often the life work of black owners) and looting you couldn't have a much lower opinion of black people. Have you been surprised?

Are you a racist because you expect that behavior from a subset of the group. "Subset" is the key word in that. I would be extremely surprised if any of my friends or neighbors who are black participated in that. My friends are a subset and the rioters are a subset. I think that the rioters are not as representative of the group (black people) as the people I know. The problem is that although protestors are mostly peaceful (so was I as a Marine in Vietnam, mostly), the violent subgroup is in the news and are presented as representative. If your business burns it doesn't matter to you that the protests are "mostly peaceful."

The biggest change for the good is reducing the number of racist assholes, not ranting about systems. That happens when you associate and befriend people of other races so you have a reference other that what you see in the media. I suspect that the average white anti-racism SJW lives in a nice white gated community and haven't had a black person at their dinner table except for possibly someone they work with. People need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk in social media.

I doubt that we will come to agreement on this since your response has mostly been insult and your opinion of "people like me" precludes you from trying. If I was black, what would "people like me" sound like. If you are black is your "people like me" any different from a white racist?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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