There is no such thing as gun violence, guns are inanimate objects. The vast majority of American gun owners never commit any crime. American citizens are voluntarily represented by gun lobbies who are a reminder that there may be more people who vote gun rights than abortion rights (also represented by lobbies). I am far more likely to die by slipping in the shower than at the hand of a mass shooter.

I vote against gun control politicians, not because of guns, but because they are control freaks who want to impose their will upon me through the threat of violence by government law enforcers when I have done nobody harm. I wanted to find an alternative to Trump in the Democratic debates but every last one of them is an anti-2nd amendment control freak. Yes, I keep using that phrase because as a (classical) liberal, that’s how I see them.

I don’t automatically assume that you are a leftist or an abortion rights person because you call for people control, but if you are, you should understand the reaction toward control freaks on issues other than your own.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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