The white lady in your story was just an asshole but names can be problematic. The Thai language is tonal and has a different alphabet. Guessing the proper pronunciation of the romanized written translation is more often than not not something that will result in a correct pronunciation. People have been screwing up my wife’s name forever. To their credit, they try, they just don’t hear the tonal nuance.

My youngest daughter, adopted my niece, has a name awkward enough that even Thai people often shorten it. She came to America at age ten with no English. I gave her an ABC Elmo doll to play with on the plane coming to America. Children being children didn’t just screw up her name, they pronounced it in a way that they thought was funny. When my oldest daughter got wind of it she said ,”That’s no name for you (pink cow), let them call you Pinky. She liked that and years later, as an adult with three children people know her as Pinky. Perhaps better than a lifetime of people screwing her name up.

Before I retired I worked with quite a few Chinese and Indian people who gave themselves a Western name if their name is excessively awkward for Westerners to avoid the chaos.

I would guess that an honest effort would not trouble you. Sadly my youngest daughter didn’t get a very honest effort. As an aside, it’s not just white people who couldn’t say her name.

I don’t know but I suspect that it could be worse for you than for an Asian due to bigotry. When Americans first started giving their children African names (I’m old enough to remember a time before that became common) that a number of white people that I knew called them made-up African names as if they were not authentic. That was certainly contemptuous since their assumption was based in ignorance.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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