"The US military undoubtedly has many honorable men in it, but the fact of the matter is, the overall culture of the military is about violent domination."

Quite a dilemma. The Marine Corps spent quite a bit of time and money training us to be violent and dominate the enemy. It the to primary purpose of a military, and it must be. The structure is highly hierarchal, again, as it absolutely must be. As I see it, the solution must work in that environment.

It would be interesting to see comparative statistics between branches and occupational specialties. Even that would be problematic since the most violence oriented subgroups also have a lower percentage of female members.

I see a problem, and perhaps solution in another area; subgroups. Not so much interservice rivalry. I am a member of several military, veteran groups on Facebook and there is a common element in divide. Deployed vs. stateside, grunt vs. POG (person other than grunt), peacetimer vs. wartimer, combat vs. no combat and male vs. female.

Years ago women in the Marine Corps were officially designated as "Women Marines" (WMs), now they are Marines without the dividing designator and brothers has become brothers and sisters. It needs to go beyond mere words. The average man wouldn't fuck his own sister but he'd fuck his friend's sister, maybe even his wife.

Memorable words of my drill instructor, "A Marine on duty has no friends. Only military acquaintances." Words in the context of where wrongdoing is found.. You don't let them skate out of friendship. That came hard for me as an immature, teenaged non-commissioned officer (NCO) in Vietnam. No women in my unit and the only possibility of rape would have been someone raping a local. I was never put to the test of dealing with one of my men committing that crime. I like to think that I would not have let them escape justice.

More words than I intended to write when I started (sorry), but I think that a cultural change in attitude toward our "sisters" in the military would go a long way towards nipping it in the bud. But then that is also my way in dealing with racism and it comes under fire from people less individual oriented who believe in top down solutions.

They are my sisters and not only would I not harm them, I wouldn't let my brothers harm them either must become a universal way of thinking. I think it possible in the violent dominance oriented world of the military. Not easy, policemen have a higher than average percentage of wife beaters. The outliers in the margins must not be tolerated and they will always exist.

"A violent man can be peaceful. A man incapable of violence is harmless." I don't see a solution in a military of harmless people.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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