The roots of all racism is low expectations of a group. That applies to members of all races looking at all races. If you have low expectations about me because I’m white you are every bit as racist as a Klansman and yammering about positions of power does not find a lie.

White supremacism has a strategy of perpetuating low expectations about black people to hold them down. That must be understood. It is as much about instilling low expectations about black people in black people as in white ones. That must be understood since it’s about causing black people to hold themselves down. Sadly, it’s a brilliant strategy that has been working for years.

In the age of trans-Atlantic slave trade, slaves were deprived of education and not allowed to learn how to read the language of the land. When slavery was abolished (for some) if nobody told them they didn’t know because they couldn’t read about it. Get your learnin’.

Next up, separate but equal (not really) schools. Hard to get your learnin’ in a substandard school.

Next up, integrated schools. Equal in the three Rs but missing some history to perpetuate a negative view of black people.

Black history month. Should be part of American history to make it honest, but the world we wish it to be is not always the world that is. I read it, it is part of our shared American history. Now there is a move toward separation. Straight out’a the supremacist handbook. Keep us separate so one group can be compared negatively to the other.

More being played by the white supremacists: Separate standards that make black people appear to not be able to make it on equal terms. The list goes on pertaining to things designed to support low expectations. Make you believe that you are a helpless victim. Don’t bother to try, it doesn’t work is what they want you to think. That does work.

Black lives matter. Yes they do. All of them. We all know George Floyd’s name. Do you know who Mehki James was? He was one of over 100 shooting victims in Chicago this past weekend. Of those 100 victims, 14 of them were killed. Of those 14, 4 were children. One of those children was 3-year old Mekhi James. Mekhi had just finished getting his first haircut, and was heading home when a gunman pulled up beside his stepfather’s car and opened fire. Mekhi’s last words were “It hurts, it hurts!!.” Why do we not know, or apparently care, about little Mekhi? Low expectations of black people; killing each other is seen as business as usual is what we are led to believe. We’ve been played by the white supremacists.

Before you accuse me of deflecting against the BLM agenda I’ll remind you that you can find both black on black and blue on black violence to be problematic without diminishing either. I’ll also point out that you are being played by the white supremacists again by letting them talk you out of black people cleaning their own house. Talk about holding yourself down! Straight out’a the Klan playbook.

We all have work to do and if you are all about pointing a finger at white privilege to the point that you neglect doing your part, the imperial klan wizard is laughing his ass off at you. You’re being played.

Do the white SJWs who are helping loot and destroy in black neighborhoods as protest know that they are doing the work of the white supremacists? I think many of them do. Played.

The honest conversation can’t be nothing but finger pointing. If I, a white man, am to help tear down white supremacism I think my best strategy is to tear down the perpetuation of things designed to keep black people down, rather tha obsess on my white privilege. Just exactly how can I renounce that? Assume that every good thing in my life is unearned? Not happening. I’m not just finger pointing at black people who are not doing their part. White supremacist strategy set that up. I don’t want to tear down civilization, but I do want to tear down the idea that anyone is inferior or evil because of the circumstance of their birth.

Back in the 60s there was, “I’m black and I’m proud!” At the time, I didn’t get it. We didn’t choose our race, be proud of your own accomplishments. While that was true, I was wrong. It was a very important message that proclaimed, “I am not inferior because of my race.” You are not, act like it.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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