The current atmosphere is nothing like when I was young. Years ago my wife and I were refused service because she is not white. That doesn’t happen any more. You presume to know an awful lot about me while actually knowing nothing while projecting your own prejudices.

You didn’t answer my question though. What do you think I should do about it? I know what I have done about it on the real world through personal interaction. More than is accomplished by chanting ”white privilege” like some sort of shibboleth.

My circle of friends is nearly entirely all interracial couples. I’ve even adopted outside of my race, after my own children were grown and I was a grandparent. I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk.

I’ll ask again, what do you think I should do beyond what I already do? Accusing people of not knowing about racism when you have no clue who you are talking about is not productive in solving the problem.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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