The article left me a bit confused.

Being adept at math does not make someone superior. It makes them adept at math.” — Of course.

“I don’t like math. Truth is, I rarely think about it at all.” — True for many bright people

Then came the inequity, patriarchy, etc. — What?

First off, you left out the rather well represented Asian, including Asian women, in STEM fields. Secondly the incomprehensible, for many, way that math is taught is not a mater of patriarchy or white privilege. A little time spent at would go a long way for people who didn’t learn it well in our school system but would like to think about it and understand it. It isn’t feminized or darkened, it’s just a different approach which he explains.

There is no reason to expect equality in group representation across various fields. People are good at different things,and disinterested in different things. Some had inept teachers and of course if you have no interest in something you won’t become very good at it.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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