The are claims of evidence, claims. Even a highly disciplined and fit elite military unit does not walk the distance covered without logistical support, as if they could walk it in a groups that size at all. Water, food, shelter, and yes, transportation must be provided, a very expensive logistical effort. Of course now there are more than the caravans. The system is seen to be broken and they are catching people from other parts of the world (Africa and Asia) coming through our porous border.

Before I retired I worked with a man who as a young man tried to flee Vietnam on foot across Cambodia to Thailand. He gave up after two years. He ultimately escaped as one of the boat people. I am friends with a handful of boat people in addition to people who came to America as refugees from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar by way of refugee camps in Thailand. I don’t have the same personal ties to people from our south but people are people and are much the same in such matters. I mention that to point out that I understand the desire of people to flee horrible governments and their problems, but also to point out the difficulty.

When I returned from Vietnam I was sent to Riot Control School. These words I will never forget, “They are your fellow Americans. Use the minimum force necessary, but all that is necessary.” Government is force. All government, not just Trump’s. Governments use deterrence. If it doesn’t work, things often get worse. Don’t get the idea that I give government force a pass. Far from it, once upon a time I was a part of it and understand that the world that is is not what I wish it to be.

How do we deal with it? Welcome a family into our home? They might be grateful house guests who provide a life enriching experience, or not. The sanctuary city people whined like spoiled children when Trump said he would send the immigrants their way. We all want something to be done, until it is time for us to put skin in the game.

If I had god-like powers to fix it I would, but then god seems to show no inclination to fix it.

I’m actually sorry that I commented on this. Discussions about things being bad with no workable suggestions for resolutions are a frustration I don’t need.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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