The adult conversation is about viable solutions. When I was a young man getting a vasectomy because of my concern about the coming crisis of overpopulation (it was half of what it is now) I was also reading about the coming ice age. Climate changes cyclically and the causes are complex. While I’m skeptical about the most dire warnings of the tax collectors I do think the issue needs to be soberly addressed.

Most of the world’s population live in non-self sustaining cities. Their lives depend upon food and goods brought to them by vehicles powered by oil based fuels. Billions of people would die if we just cut off oil. I shoveled coal into a furnace and carried ashes to an ash pit when I was a boy. We fixed that with oil and natural gas. Nuclear power is cleaner but many people fear it and in some places ban it by law. We cannot instantly make the use of fossil fuel go away and the solution must be cost effective. That’s not a matter of greed. There are people working on that. People walking the walk as opposed to just talking the talk.

Greta is impatient, an attribute of youth, but we live in the world that is, rather than the world we wish it to be. It is doubtful that all life will end in 12 years or whatever the alarmists have changed it to at the time of this writing. Hopefully she will become an engineer who helps find a way to make CO2 scrubbers cost effective for industry and taxpayers. The technology exists, we just need to make it affordable. Going on and on about change being real or not is a dog howling at the moon. People are working on the problem.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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