That's true enough. It would probably be best for me to not read Medium articles. I love my country and have walked the walk working for change and improvement. Medium is a sea of people who go beyond criticism of the things that need improvement and show absolutely no sign of love for America while calling for BITFD.

I realize that the radical writers on Medium may not represent the average Democrat any more that the FB haters represent all non-Democrats. We see what confirms our bias and I see the political left as a gang of haters who want to burn America down. I don't see the political right calling for that. Maybe I missed that because of my bias filters. I have them like everyone else.

If you see someone flying an American flag it's a safe bet that it's not a Democrat. That should give you pause.

Your comment about most people not agreeing with the total party platform is true, but the party demands lock-step compliance from it's members so our decent doesn't matter as long as they get voted into office. Then it's to hell with what you or I think. We probably agree on more than it appeared at first though it's often hard to see in comments.

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