That stuff is not news to me. There are stores my wife won’t shop in because they follow her around.

I haven’t said that anything you said isn’t true. I’ve agreed with you and said that I’m aware of it. I am in no way depreciating issues facing people of color. Before there was an internet I was calling that stuff out face to face when there were consequences.

It still does not answer my question. How can a white person renounce white privilege? I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist, I’m asking how it can be renounced? Racism is a difficult issue and part of that is because of issues like this. I’m asking because I don’t see how people are going to walk that walk. Talking the talk is easy. If renounce white privilege is going to become action we must understand what action that will be. I’m all for fairness and treating others the same, but that is a different thing.

I walked out of a VFW post years ago in Georgia and never went back when the bartender refused to serve a black member. I asked, what the hell? He’s a member, a veteran of a foreign war. The bar tender said, we have to let him in but we don’t have to serve him. There’s another post in Macon for him. I’ve never stood for that, but I wouldn’t call it white privilege to be served a beer by a bigot. As an aside, the fraternal organization that refused to let my wife eat was a different one. That was rejecting racism, but it wasn’t renouncing white privilege. I’m serious when I ask how.

When I was still working when a promotion came up should I have said, don’t give me that promotion, there’s a person of color that didn’t get promoted? Should I assume that I was getting that promotion because of my whiteness? On what grounds? I trained and mentored a number of people of color while I was working. Some of them did get promotions; good ones.

I understand that you are changing the subject to what is important to you. It’s important to me though you don’t seem to believe it. Acknowledging racism and even standing in defiance of it is one thing. You are suggesting something else. Don’t read more into an honest question than is there because you have low expectations of me because I’m white.

I fairness, I may not have been clear enough. My question should be understood as how does a white person reject their own white privilege?I suppose you could think that I rejected the idea of white privilege when I challenged the bartender and dropped my membership but I don’y see it as the same. That was too easy. What price to me? He wouldn’t serve me another beer after that? He didn’t get the chance, I went home first. Trying to guess where something good happened to me was due to my whiteness and I should reject it is a far more difficult issue to navigate. Do you understand that?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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