Thanks for your reply. I've never heard the "What's that got to do with it?" although We came, we saw, he died, ha-ha-ha Hillary Clinton came close with "What difference does it make?" You must know different conservatives than me.

It is easy to forget subsets. Conservatives are not all anti-contraception Catholics. I was a teen in the 60s and I and every boy I knew had condoms in their wallet. Available in machines is restrooms in gas stations, bowling alleys, etc. We didn't need a sex education class to know what they were for. Not many years later mothers had their daughters doctors prescribe the pill "to help with their mensural issues and cramps" if they were conservative. The down side of that was that we (boys and girls) were more concerned with pregnancy than STDs so an unfortunate side effect of "I'm on the pill" was leaving the rubber in the wallet and STDs.

You mentioned authoritarian right-wingers. I quite honestly find the left more prone to that. I think some of the stuff in that chapter is a straw man or at best a subset that you are accusing the entire political right of. That of course works both ways. I have leftie friends who like their guns and don't buy into all of the woke absurdities. Left and right both are guilty of seeing whole groups as the extremes.

You asked for liberal blind spots (to ward off cognitive dissonance I presume). An obvious example is abortion. I am not anti-abortion by the way. The "it's about the woman's body" requires a blind spot to the fact that it is not the woman's body that is torn apart and her heart doesn't stop. That would be assisted suicide. Huge blind spot to avoid the cognitive dissonance that comes with being pro choice.

Another is the authoritarian forcing biological males into the girls shower and sports. When I was a boy I played doctor with girls and was often the patent. The thing is, we wanted to see, and play with each others stuff and had to hide to do it. Not all the girls wanted to play that game and it would have been criminal to force it on them. The difference is choice. Many girls would prefer to not share a shower with a boy who "identifies" as a girl. Seeing is believing at that age. It takes a big blind spot to ignore such basic human nature in the name of being woke. But as I wrote, the woke is a subset of the left. Not all liberals want naked boys in their daughter's gym showers.

One last example would be on racism. Racism is holding a low expectation of people based upon their race. The left tries to avoid the cognitive dissonance that acknowledging that would bring to the current white people are all racists narrative. Giving a fake definition to a word to allow yourself to ignore the fact that passing judgment on everyone of a given race is racist is a "woke" blind spot. I know liberals who don't ascribe to that nonsense.

I don't claim that those examples are universal to all liberals and contest the idea that the examples you gave are universal to all conservatives. Same logic as with the racism.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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