Thanks for writing these. They are both interesting and informative.

As you know, I’m an old white guy and a question that I, and I suspect many of my “tribe” have is, what am I supposed to do about it?

There are many reasons we are not all equal. Genetics is huge. Some people are smart, some unintelligent, some are attractive, healthy, strong, well coordinated, etc., some are not. All of these give unearned advantage or disadvantage. People who suffer under some disadvantage might focus on it and think that for example, being non-white/non-male is the apex disadvantage while an unhealthy, ugly, stupid white man might be happy to trade places. None of that discounts the idea that my life has had some advantage because I’m a handsome white guy ;0)

The thing is, “white male privilege” is very old news. I’ve recognized that, since before either of you were born. I do my best to treat people fairly without regard to “identity”. I don’t feel any form of genetic guilt. None of us chose our parents or the sperm that would select our gender.

Returning to where I started, what am I supposed to “do” about it other than do my best to only use discriminators in decision making that are fair and relevant? At this point in history I feeeeeeeel like there’s a bunch “how does it feel white *****?” that is just vengeance. It may be perfectly true that I am privileged but is my constantly hearing about it helpful? Lately I’ve been on a truth/helpful thought train.

A rough quote from Brad Pilon, the Eat, Stop, Eat intermittent fasting guy. “You can tell an obese person that to fix their obesity they should eat less and move more. True, but will telling them that likely help them? Old news to them no doubt.” We are over fifty years past everyone knowing that for many, but not all, things white maleness is privilege. Now what?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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