Thanks for that reply Nicole. Exactly as you wrote. it is very difficult to discuss at this time in history. Except for my time in the Marine Corps I have always lived with women and they are a huge part of my life (mother, sisters, wife, daughters, granddaughters). It goes without saying that the subject matters to me but something has changed in our society.

Last night I was at a ukulele jam session where the lyrics get sung and the music is mostly 60s, 70s. Attitudes were different when those songs were written and I don’t remember people complaining. Even now in the age of outrage the women at the jam session were the most enthusiastic singers of songs that might trigger modern feminists.

I can fully appreciate situational awareness (most people don’t have it) compared to the hyper vigilance around men they don’t know in risky locales of women who have been raped of been victim of workplace problems. I’ve been married for 49 years and am monogamous so I’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time but through the years there have been unambiguous, no room for doubt, attempts at seduction of me, mostly by my wife’s friends at that, so it is clear to me that men have no monopoly on interest in sex, flirting and/or seduction.

I applaud the feminist effort to give women an equal place in society and the workforce but think that they’ve done a great deal of dammage to the relationships between men and women.

Sorry, I’ve rambled. As cautiously as I addressed those things, someone might pounce on some of it. Hard to discuss and it needs to be discussed.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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