Thank you Marley. I got more personal than my norm but men not knowing how rape may be reality for those they love has a consequence.

Our concerns are us standing in the center of concentric circles at increasing distance from us where those we love are of more concern (ring close to us) than those we don’t know (outer ring). That’s not to say it’s a binary care vs. don’t care, but an analog critically important to me vs. important but I have higher priorities.

The overload leads to a monetary contribution to a cause and moving on when it’s not personal enough to do more than reach for your wallet. Some choose to dedicate themselves to an issue to raise the concern in others.

Sadly they often choose poor tactics to deal with it. I’m thinking about writing an article about that cause sabotage. SJWs will hate it and try to get me kicked off on Medium.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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