Thank you James. It is a problem for me, and people like me, who have dwelled mostly in the Type 1 world find it too easy to become The Dude in the cult classic The Big Lebowski, "That's, like, just your opinion mam." when looking at Type 3 issues.

I am not immune to confirmation of worldview, and shamefully, a desire to be "right" while I do understand, as you wrote, that some conclusions/opinions are more well informed than others. Less shamefully, but no less problematic, I am inclined to try to demand a higher confidence level than is reasonably expected in the Type 3 world. Part of that is that I am required to trust the data, and conclusions of studies, where the fidelity of that is really not known to me, jet people call them facts. Does GIGO apply? Is it actually fraudulent? Just honest error in methodology? I am familiar with common logical fallacies and we see them often.

My interest in this subject is to fix me as I do want my views to be shaped by the most well informed information and to improve my discernment. I worked directly and indirectly for the government for a number of years placed where I could observe just how much propaganda and outright bullshit we are fed which adds to my skepticism of "what "everyone knows", "common sense", etc. That is at the bottom of one of my most vexing biases.

Sorry that I made this comment too much about me, but it is why the subject is of strong interest at this time in my life. The issue is larger because I am not alone with these issues though they may come from different places with different people. Is their conclusion actually well informed, etc.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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