Thank you, I think. “ Thanks very much for sharing your exemplary feedback.” could be a sarcasm.

My point really is that we are all human. People who tilt right tend to find the left more offensive, and visa versa. We all have our biases that hopefully we try to control. This seems especially true in matters of race. None of us chose our parents and our race is neither crime or virtue.

I’m old enough to remember the days of white people treating black people horribly and as if they were inferior. You can say that still exists but don’t let it make you deny the progress that has been made. I remember. That gave rise to James Brown’s “I’m black and I’m proud.” I was 18 and it was the year I went to Vietnam with lots of things on my young mind. I didn’t truly appreciate the need for that because even then I thought, we didn’t choose our parents. Why be proud of something that is not our own accomplishment? I get it now, along with black lives matter and all things related to how a persecuted people feel that leads to affirmation and shining a light on issues.

The current “white people, this and that” is in some ways a “how does it feel M* *r” but it should also be a thought that, I know how it makes you feel and while there could be some satisfaction in that it should also be understood that it leads to an old friend, resentment and a negative response. At some point we must all ask, are we helping or just venting our spleen? Finger pointing with a s/he’s a racist (with an implicit and in denial) too is a logical fallacy when it comes to moving forward. Thanks for acknowledging me and offering a chance to say a bit more.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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