Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I don’t write this as argument or debate, just a point of view.

As a bit of history, my first knowledge of “trans” was long before that word was a part of the general lexicon. It was the “kathoey” transvestite homosexual prostitutes in Bangkok. Fifteen years later when I worked as an expat the hairdresser on our compound was the first “woman in a man’s body” that I got to know. He was Thai, as is my wife, and was part of that circle of friends. He wanted to be treated like one of the girls and I politely did so. It was the 1980s and he seemed to be a flaming homosexual transvestite to me and gender dysphoria was something I, and most of the world I suspect, was unaware of. Years later I learned that one of the Marines in my platoon in Vietnam had undergone sex reassignment surgery. No one thought him homosexual back then and it was a surprise, but that was long before don’t ask, don’t tell. Notice that I associated transexualism and homosexuality. More on why that matters later. All of that is to say that I was quite along in life before trans was a concept in the sense that the word is now.

Effeminate men and masculine women who may or may not be homosexual have always been around. I certainly have no problem with them. The transexual is new enough that people have not adjusted to the idea. The shortcoming with sex reassignment surgery and hormone treatment is that it can make life more comfortable for the transexual but if they keep the ability to procreate their DNA line will be maternal or paternal in accordance with their birth DNA so many will see the reassignment as cosmetic.

I mention that because of what you wrote about my use of gender pronouns. As polite as I have always been, at my age I will probably never truly embrace the way gender is now being promoted. It’s not transphobia, at least as I understand the word. I was just a bit too far passed my formative years when the indoctrination for the concept began. At this point in my life I have met more than I have mentioned and I am not their problem.

The sports that were on my mind when I wrote that were high school sports where Olympic standards are not necessarily adhered to and the winners are noticeably of different musculature, skeletal robustness and such. Also a world class female MMA fighter who after being beaten silly by a transsexual fighter said that she had never felt so overpowered in her life is an example. Testosterone plays a big role but not the only one. The girls who were eliminated from state track finals felt cheated. I think that it will remain more controversial than you wish because so far, blocking testosterone may ruin a man’s ability to win competing against men but it has not proven to level the playing field competing against women. No foul intended, I just mentioned that it may be something that slows general acceptance.

Yes, I am an American so the current state of politics here influences thought. The political left is embracing more and more positions that are not in line with middle America but they get away with it while there is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Trump is not POTUS for life and when he is out of office and TDS no longer looms large the left will have a problem. They have drawn this big circle around abortion, LBGT whatever it is now, pedophilia as a choice, identity politics (racism/sexism), socialism and… When there is no longer a Trump to hate many will look at those associations and lump them into one big negative. Mix a teaspoon of sewage with a bottle of wine and you get a bottle of sewage. There are already divides between people of those sexual persuasions and the will get worse. A large drawback for transexuals aligning with LBG is that gender gets lost in sexual preference and is taken less seriously. Earlier I mentioned that I associated them early on. The political alliance may well maintain that association. You must have noticed that transexuals talk about gender and it’s detractors talk about sex; talking passed each other.

None of this is about casting hate on anyone. My original point about the issues of sports and politics around sex may be the long poles in the tent which are a bigger deal than anyone’s phobias. Just a thought for consideration. I didn’t intend to initiate two long commentaries but since they happened I hope the is some usefulness in them. If you champion the cause of general acceptance of ttansgenderism it might be worth your while to think about as something that needs to be addressed, or will be.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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