Thank you for the morning laugh to go with my coffee. You do realize that you just displayed TDS don’t you?

Trump is a jerk, but when it comes to assessing politicians I look at other things. His tariffs are a tax that rolls down to the consumer like a corporate tax. That is a legitimate complaint about him. He is using the detainment facilities funded and built under the Obama administration but hasn’t quite deported as many. If that makes him a racist, do you call Obama a racist too? To his credit, so far he hasn’t gotten us into a new war but he is surrounded by warmongers so time will tell.

Mentioning his predecessor wasn’t a whatabout, it is an example of how the TDS crowd finds fault with things he does that would be just dandy if done by their guy. It has reached the pathetic point that the destruction of America would be just great so they could say, “See, see, the bad orange man!” This morning I read his haters acting like a judge shooting down his desire to make pharmaceutical companies tell their list price since it could shame them into lowering prices was a good thing. No, TDS people, the ruling was not a good thing for the American people.

You call him a narcissist, a common trait for politicians which has nothing to do with job performance. You call him a rapist. I didn’t see news of his conviction on CNN. A white supremacist? He’s done more for the black community than his predecessor and Mexicans legally in this country cannot be counted upon to be among his haters. Children are not housed with adults by law. There was a recent news item that 1/3 of the children DNA tested (or the adult was told they were going to DNA test and confessed) were not related to the adult who was bringing them.

One common TDS symptom is the belief that you can read minds and know someone’s motivations. Another is making wild unsubstantiated claims. Another is shouting with all caps words. TDS is an emotion based hate.

I am certainly looking for an alternative and put data from votesmart into a spreadsheet to calculate pro vs. con for the candidates. Likability is not one of the items under consideration, policy positions are. I am an unaffiliated voter. In 2016 I voted for some Ds, some Rs, some independents, and a number of “no acceptable candidate” write-ins. Sadly, after watching the Democratic party debates I don’t see an acceptable candidate. Issue positions matter.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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