Spend a little time in airports and the difference in the speed of restroom lines is observable and has always made me wonder why they don’t put more/larger women’s rooms. And yes, I don’t want to wait for you either (just being honest).

Years ago in Bangkok I was walking to the restroom having a Jimmy Carter lust in my heart moment when the object of my desire walked into the men’s room and we ended up next to each other at the urinals. Nobody did any meat peeping and there was no problem. It is, or was, the law that you use the facility you are plumbed for no matter what your appearance is. S/he probably didn’t want to wait in a long line anyway.

I’ve guarded the door of the men’s room for a women/girl who really had to go more than once. I don’t see the harm. I still enjoy the male privilege of a shorter wait though.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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