Someone once asked Bob Dylan what something in one of his songs meant. He replied with what do think it means? His poetry is masterful because it left space for people to assign their own meaning.

Trump does that but for political purpose. He needs his fringe just as the Democrats need theirs. The majority are not the fringe.

Example 1:

Trump: Illegal immigrants bring in rapists and murderers.

Challenge: What? Are you saying that all immigrants are rapists and murderers?

Trump: No, of course not all, but they are there.

Example 2:

Trump: There were good people on both sides in Charlottesville.

Challenge: What? Are you saying that the white racists are good people?

Trump: No, I deplore them. I was speaking of the people on the statue issue.

See what he did there? He is initially un-explicit to allow people to assign their own meaning. When challenged he claims he didn’t say that and didn’t mean that. Out government does it all the time, it’s called plausible deniability. There is nothing he can do to win over his detractors and he wants to keep the people that he cannot explicitly claim because he will loose the middle if he does. His gamble is that his actions will cause the left to openly embrace the extreme left and turn off that middle. He tweets to make the squad the face of the Democratic party to attract the center left. He’s an asshole and may well be a racist but the problem with him is much larger than that from my perspective.

The mid reading that bothers me isn’t about Trump, that’s just politics. It’s about the damage being done to race relations by people calling everyone on the other side of the isle a racist. That might not be mind reading, the people doing it may well know that it is dishonest but they do it as a political tactic. My question is always, is that an effective tactic? Race relations have gotten worse in the age of Trump which is reason enough for me to wish he never happened but the “you’re a racist” crowd is throwing gas on the fire, making it worse and they seem to refuse to face up to that.

Ryan Bohl presented an interesting thought worthy of consideration with his Medium articleTo defeat white nationalism, let whites stop calling themselves ‘white’.

The interest in DNA companies by white people is that they don’t see an Irishman as a German though both are white. Thanks (sic) to slavery black Americans were largely robbed of their actual ancestry. 23andme is collecting more specific data within Africa and Asia due to increased interest from non-white people. Sometimes with amusing results. For example, trace Senegambian & Guinean ancestry is in my DNA. Less than my Neanderthal ancestry though. My point being that while making me white, ignoring that my actual ancestry is comprised of ancient enemies relieves a bit of that tension it adds to pushing my basic humanity down. I don’t like the color of my skin being turned into a uniform. I don’t think you do either.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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