Save your quality of life

Get up off your lazy ass! That’s huge (pun intended).

There is a test for predicted longevity that uses your ability to get up and down from the floor. The importance in my mind is not just about longevity, but quality of life. Laziness destroys you because you increasingly avoid getting up and down.

In the following examples I call upon coach Dan John because he makes a lot of sense but this is more about his ideas than being about him.

The Turkish Getup is perhaps the king of getting up and down. He points out that a quest for constantly trying for heavier weight should not be the objective. Since I train alone with no spotter the PR quest has brought me to the brink of disaster more that once. It’s dangerous. Know your limitations with this one. If you are not strong and mobile this exercise may be a bit too much for you.

A good equipment free exercise series is the get back up. It is a very good exercise. In many of his weight lifting programs he has you doing mobility exercises that cause you to get up and down between sets. If you are old and out of shape, some of the movements in it may be a bit too much.

This is from a coaching seminar. It is the bottom line of this. It can save your life. I am a few days from adding a plus to my age of seventy. When I retired and stopped commuting my most likely cause of accidental death went from automobile accident to falls. As mentioned in the above in the link, daily getting up and down from the floor can help with that. As a martial artist I spent a lot of time doing break falls. They are beautiful on the mat but my real life falls have typically been in situations where ugly, bare minimum survival fall was all that was possible.

When my 94 year old mother moved in with us I put up my 5/8" thick hard rubber mat for ground exercises away because it interferes with her ability to move through the room with her walker. I have a ceramic tile floor and that mat matters. It’s killing me. I interrupted writing this to get it back out. It will just lean against the wall when I’m not using it. Eyesore be damned. I’ve got to go back to practicing what I’m preaching here or I’ll end up using a walker.

I once had a friend who was much heavier than she needed to be tell me that she can’t get up from the floor. If that’s you, get up and down from your chair. In whatever level is possible for you, get up and down, move around. Exercise isn’t just for the elite. Look at the links above. Choose one to do. Join me in the essential get up off your ass movement.

Save yourself, at least your quality of life.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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