Sadly, the Libertarian Party is a clown show but the ideas of libertarianism are important.

The problem is that people are not equal in ability so equal outcome is not something that naturally happens in a system where results are tied to your (perceived) value to your society. Add to that, globalization has equalized (to a degree) outcome worldwide where 3rd world extreme poverty has been reduced greatly. The cost has been downward pressure on the incomes of people in nations like America.

If you hate the fact that your income is stagnant or your job has been outsourced to another country, you should consider that the politicians who champion equal outcome want to add to that misery by taking from you to give to others. Will you end up hating an Asian factory girl or a politician?

Equality of outcome at the hands of capitalist globalism or politicians will both be painful to the majority of people reading this, assuming they have the wealth for a computer and an internet connection.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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