Perry, I’m not suspicious, but I am still skeptical. I had no idea how busy I would get when I retired three months ago and could direct my energy to the much neglected me so reading your web page is a slow process.

Since there is not going to be a binary switch to copiosis, but rather a gradual analog shift where people will be in a dual system, I have difficulty seeing how that will be accomplished.

As people enter the system, there will be many needs which will have no one to supply them from within and they will have to be supplied from the existing system where people must be paid with the money recognized by that system.

I’m uncertain how there can be an escape from supply and demand. In the case of the orphan drug you mentioned the solution came at great cost with a very small demand. It is not greed that causes the producer of a solution/product to charge a high price, it is survival. I retired from a manufacturer of products with a limited customer base and stringent certification costs. If they gave it away cheep, they would be bankrupt and I would not have retired, I would have just become unemployed.

During the transition, I don’t see how hard working members of the copiosis who generate currency for exchange outside the copiosis membership can be avoided. Can you point us to where that has been thought out?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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