Perhaps it’s my age. I acknowledged that there is advantage in being white in America fifty years ago. I’ve been through five rounds of race relations/diversity training over the years with my employers. I’ve reached the point where I see this kind of article as beating a dead horse.

racial equity be demonstrated by actual outcomes” can only be achieved by race based processes that overtly discriminate against groups with the best results. Life isn’t a game of golf where we handicap people to achieve equality in results. As I wrote, let’s be honest. Who is going to decline a job or promotion to give it to someone because they are a minority, but not that minority that has a higher average income than white people? Nobody.

I’ve been to nineteen countries outside the US, living in some of them for significant periods of time. Without regard to which race, the dominant one did things to suit themselves. It’s human nature. I constantly ask people what reasonable thing can everyday people like me do to fix systemic issues? My influence is small. I hear awareness. We’ve been aware for decades. I’m asking about something actionable that does not ignore human nature. Not just white people, all people. Crickets.

I live in a racially diverse neighborhood. My neighbors on one side are black an on the other side, Spanish speaking Mexicans. I don’t ask the average white social justice warrior about where they live, when was the last time a person of another race was in their home or they were in theirs, how many have social relations outside of work, etc. because I’d rather not embarrass them. The ones I know live in gated communities. They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. It doesn’t help to try and shame people so I don’t ask.

As for minorities in STEM fields, I can only speak to engineering departments where I have worked. One black male Masters EE from the Caribbean with a queen’s English accent. That started to change a little over ten years ago thanks to globalization. Large numbers of engineers, mostly software types from India, some from China. Vietnamese are not new, they’ve been in the field for a while. Women are well represented among the software engineers from India. There have always been Asian engineers, male and female, in proportion to their numbers in our society. I don’t know why there are not more black engineers and I doubt that it is due to any one factor. Same could be said for women. I don’t think the answer is in studies based upon surveys.

When I ask that question it’s because I don’t have the answer(s) and would like some viable ideas. Shaming white people for being white is not a solution.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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