PC is not about being non-offensive. In the case of preferred personal pronouns, if a gender dysphoric person is presenting as their non-biological sex it’s fairly easy to not call them the preferred word. For androgyny it’s a bit different. If you say “they would like coffee” to a server the server might be wondering about the size of the group or where’s the other guy since it’s plural, not personal, and therefore nonsensical. “It would like coffee” would be less confusing since it is singular. But then why should the server care about your gender at all? “Name please?” If you reply with a non-gender specific “Bobby” they are not going to ask about your gender or preferred pronoun.

I think people have difficulty with absurdity, but I don’t know why that indicates that they are offended. At the inception of PC, that was the issue, it seemed like nonsense. People made fun of it for being the disingenuous equivalent of dipping a turd in sugar and calling it a pastry.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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