On my way home from Vietnam Marines passed through Okinawa. As I was leaving the base there was a big sign that said, “You are now entering the most dangerous place in the world. The public highway.” It generated a bit of cognitive dissonance since we had just left a place where people were trying to kill us. The point being that training and proving competence to the government to drive hasn’t altered the fact that I’ve come closer to death driving than from an untrained person and his firearm since I left a war zone.

I live in Arizona where statistically more people are killed where a firearm is the tool than an automobile. Statistical data in this case has little to no bearing on training since the deaths by firearm are less likely to be an accident due to incompetence than with an automobile. Given my non-criminal lifestyle I am far less likely to be involved in a shooting than a deadly auto accident, and death due to someone’s incompetence with a firearm is nearly non-existent.

But then my lack of enthusiasm for government licences may have more to do with my contempt for control freaks who use costumed men with guns (policemen) to inflict their will upon others through laws and regulations. The word contempt is not hyperbole.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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