My comment seems to have vanished. Watch it appear after I try again. It showed up in the wrong place I deleted it and left this ;0)

A word specific to toxic masculinity so the not all men weasel words are not needed would be a plus. I wish I could say I’ve thought of something.

A difficulty that I see in ending patriarchal hierarchies is that the have been a continuous part of our lives and seem not only natural but inescapable. How quickly you get chosen for a teem for a game, making an organised team, B teem or varsity, getting dates are a part of childhood. Then comes the ultra hierarchical military and/or corporate structures. $ucce$$ is measured by your place.

I think I have successfully separated male dominance in the workplace from my (male) point of view. Do women feel that? I don’t know because if they don’t they might remain silent about it.

As a young man few women did the kind of work I did so I had very little experience with that. Before I retired that was a sizable contingent of women in technical jobs but Indian and Asian women greatly outnumbered white women and black women were virtually nonexistent. I believe it a matter of choice rather than capability but wouldn’t venture a guess as to why. Statistically this means that upper levels of fields like engineering, mechanics, electricians, etc. will be dominated by males who competed with each other to get there. In more gender neutral fields women are competing successfully under the same framework that men compete under but with less childhood preparation although competitive sports for girls who participate in them offers some preparation.

To get rid of competitive hierarchies would be a very radical and difficult task. You speak of a non-competitive, non-hierarchical system 8000 years ago. That’s a long time. Can a technological society function like that now? People don’t bust their ass to be equal or to prepare their children to be equal. Human nature as it exists today is about wanting to do better than average.

I expanded beyond your new word topic into where I think the ultimate goal of that leads. I quit being a tough guy and took a strong pain pill so maybe that was too much to talk about. I hope not.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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