Might be my age. I was on active duty from 67–71. Never had any real interaction with Women Marines (that’s what they were called back then), it was still a free a man to fight mentality. Never heard about rapes, how would I? I didn’t mention any of that to cast any shade of what you wrote. I’ve heard it from just about every woman who served in the military.

Some of the Marine forums on Facebook are non-stop grunt vs. POG and/or combat vet vs. peace timer. I also see acknowledgement and praise for people other than white males. We’re not all the same.

I’m a white Vietnam veteran. I’m not bitter about my warm welcome home. We all play the cards we are dealt and there are many like me who are not what you describe.

It’s common these days for people other than straight white males to think that straight white males are a bunch of evil assholes. Vengeance toward the ones who are with all getting caught in the big net that should be called racism/sexism except only white guys can be guilty of that on the 21st century. I get that and I’m not claiming victim status, it’s an imperfect world.

You drew a mighty big circle. Don’t become what you hate.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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