I’ve been aware of all that stuff for many years but it has absolutely nothing to do with my question. Language is about communicating and understanding ideas and is universal, as is mathematics. Black people can certainly learn to communicate and do math. It isn’t a white thing. My adopted daughter came to America at the age of ten knowing no English and having a different alphabet I gave her an ABC Elmo doll to listen to on the plane to start learning ABCs. She went to public schools, learned English and graduated from high school with her age group. All people have different hurdles to jump. That’s life.

The things you mentioned may affect them but have nothing to do with them learning the language and math or that being white. Indeed, adding functional illiteracy and/or the inability to do math at an expected level adds significantly to their burden. That was the whole point of preventing black children from learning to read in the past. Before I retired I worked with a man who held a Masters EE. He is black. He once said to me, your education is something they can never take away from you. He didn’t turn white.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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