I’ve always wondered where POC came from and for what purpose. Once when I mentioned that my wife was on Thai time to a friend who is black, he laughed and said, “You mean CPT, colored people time.”, an acknowledgement of her non-whiteness more than in their mutual POCness. My circle of friends is largely mixed race couples (various combinations of white, black and Asian) so racist attitudes are either reduced or suppressed.

I can say that with the group loosely called Asian withing my personal sphere they typically think of themselves as Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, etc. but do tend to associate more comfortably with each other than others. The black and white people within the sphere are generally there because of their interracial marriages. Mixed race children, again, temper relationships making us closer to being a big happy family than most, but it is an observable fact that people of color are not actually a big happy family. Indeed, I can’t recall ever hearing any of the Asian people I know referring to themselves as POC. I also see them as not inclined to consider themselves as victims or in a struggle except with mothers demanding scholastic excellence.

The relationship between black people and other non-white groups is more sensitive for me as a white man to discuss with you. I agree with you that they cannot be assumed to be natural allies in a struggle, perhaps because they are less inclined to see themselves as victims. I hope that your decision to not fight their battles for them is not an indication that you consider them to be enemies. You have not said that, but left space for it with the tribal implications in what you wrote. I’m not criticizing you for that but I may be more comfortable with diversity and less tribal.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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