I've always thought that of the Type 1 realm since facts are more likely to be inarguable than in the Type 3 realm.

Since you mention covid-19, it is not my bailiwick so there is much I don't understand about it. There is something that gives me pause. I have read that the vaccine is not a traditional vaccine, but rather an mRNA protean that caused a change in our DNA so it will have an immune response to covid-19. I don't know if that is true, but if it is it sets off alarms since the plan is for mass vaccination. What if our understanding of this method changes over time with new information that we have inalterably changed human DNA, passed on to our offspring in a way that is detrimental to humanity? Is the risk-benefit ratio more hazardous that we are being told? Pharmaceuticals have a history that includes some very bad roads and this is radically new.

I am not the decider and governments are moving in the direction of making life unlivable for the non-compliant so for better or catastrophe it will probably happen. I had to submit plans that included risk assessment many times in the course of my career. Censorship and omission are now the way of the world. It is impossible to apply critical thinking when we are not being told the risk and cannot properly include it in an assessment. That is not a criticism of science and I didn't write that to piss you off. It is a concern though.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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