It is odd that we associate holding hands with someone of the same sex with homosexuality. Years ago someone said something vulgar to my wife who was holding hands with a female friend as they walked through the parking lot at work. After reading the article it occurred to me that it has become less common among women who are not related to touch. Perhaps it has always been that way and she has just become Americanized.

To the point of men holding hands, when I was in Saudi Arabia training military personnel it was fairly common to see men holding hands with friends. One day as I was walking down an empty hallway from one shop to another one of my trainees grabbed my hand. He knew how American men are and that he risked a rejection by doing that. It seemed strange to me but mostly because I was thinking that I hoped none of the Americans walked into the hall and saw us. I at no time thought of it as a homosexual act but rather an act of friendship as we walked hand in hand.

I practice an Islamic martial art and when I greet my brothers (we consider each other family) we give each other the triple hug without the “no homo” back slapping. We do that in public places and don’t really give a flip what people think.

All this is to say that it is a sad thing that we live in a society where we cannot display affection for friends of any sex without it being thought homosexual or for that matter, worry about what anyone thinks. Why is it anyone’s business?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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