Interesting that you seem to have analyzed Trump although via your education in psychology informs you that the “APA frowns upon evaluating a person’s mental condition before you’ve had several counseling sessions with them.” Have you had several evaluation sessions with him?

You seen to have ignored my point that I evaluate politicians on the things they do, their stated positions and how they align with their actions. Based upon that there are a number of things about Trump that I disagree with, but they have nothing to do with calling him names and stating unsubstantiated claims.

What is your basis for calling Trump a rapist? Do you think Bill Clinton is a rapist? He was accused by multiple women. Believe the ones who like and dislike the same people as you?

Quite often people who throw words like racist around they are people who call everyone with a different opinion a racist. The abuse of the word has caused it to loose all meaning. Is he a racist because he wants the immigration laws enforced that his predecessors enforced? I know brown people who think immigration laws should be enforced. Are they racists?

It can be very harmful to label humans with a psychological condition.

So why do you do it?

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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