Interesting. Although tangential to the discussion I’ll say that I unapologetically use the word “rant”. Not disparagingly but as an acknowledgement of the feeling behind the ideas being expressed. We can find empathy in that. Finding micro insults to be offended by does not move us forward.

I won’t tell my story ;0) to validate how and why I have great interest in this topic while at the same time wondering what is the achievable desired outcome of such conversations. We are all human and much alike. At some point in someone blacksplaining my white maleness to me I’ll feel like a feminist being mansplained or a black person being whitesplained and it becomes a struggle to communicate. I find these discussions valuable in that they seem to be an honest attempt at communication and understanding which is certainly preferable to the extreme polarization so common today.

Tribalism is a human trait that often includes racism. I don’t know that it will ever not be a thing of some sort. Sabastian Junger’s book “Tribe” presents an interesting view on our tribal nature and his TED/YouTube “Why veterans miss war” answered a haunting question I held for years. We want/need to belong, no matter how individualistic we believe ourselves to be or how international person of the world we see ourselves as.

Just as tribes make peace with each other, perhaps that is the best that we can do as individuals. That is not such a bad thing.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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