Interesting article. I was going to suggest listening to music instead of rap but what you speak of is there too, just with a bit of subtlety. I like the music more than the lyrics so much of that went unnoticed for years.

I’ve started going to ukulele jam sessions where people mostly play chords and sing so I’m noticing lyrics. I had never noticed what I found in once popular songs like “Fat Bottom Girl”. Who’da thunk? But of course that is so mild compared to the filth of rap and hip hop that you may think it unworthy of mention. The thing is it seems that the only thing that is new is that society is so dumbed down and numb that subtlety flies over people’s heads and they require the explicit.

I guess I’ll go ahead and suggest listening to music since the vulgarity is less in your face.

Retired and living my golden years in a world full of angry people.

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